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Spring 2017: "Science and Society: Thinking Bodies" | Syllabus

In this course, we will “think with” the human body. Through the eyes of different scholars, we will peek into anatomy theaters, laboratories, medical schools, and clinics to understand how knowledge about the body is made, and how this knowledge shapes our own bodies. How are (arguably) universal biological categories like race and sex made meaningful on the body’s surfaces and in its molecular depths - and what are the consequences? Can we understand our bodies differently? We will explore concepts of power, emotion, and what it means to be a body with(out) rights or a body in migration. We will tackle all this through discussions, critical reflections on readings, creative writing about bodies in the media, and longer essays.



Teaching Assistant

  • STS 2011/SOC 2100: What is Science? An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies (Fall 2016)

  • STS/BSOC 2051: Ethical Issues in Health and Medicine (Spring 2016)

  • STS/BSOC 3011: Life Sciences and Society (Fall 2015)

  • GW: Grant Writing and Project Management (Spring 2014)