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Activities & Projects


Current Projects


“Living With and Without”

On the Experience and Global Politics of Curing Hepatitis C.

Following the introduction of new pharmaceutical drugs, so-called Direct-Acting-Antivirals, my ethnographic project in Austria aims to understand how individuals infected with or cured of Hepatitis C negotiate health and suffering amid global public health efforts to eradicate the HC-Virus. Connecting S&TS approaches with medical anthropology, my dissertation project explores the networks of care that make curing possible, and how pharmaceutical markets, viral actors, and welfare infrastructures shape the lives and healing of individuals afflicted.

Funded by Cornell University and a Dan David Prize Fellowship.



A Global Social Sciences Network for Infectious Threats and Antimicrobial Resistance | Horizon 2020

SoNAR-Global is a global consortium led by social scientists specializing in emerging infectious diseases (EID) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). It will build a dynamic, sustainable international social science network to engage the active participation of social sciences and promote complementarity and synergy in the governance of prevention and response to infectious threats. Partnering with major international and regional institutions, it allows for implementation of its activities through a coherent, iterative program that builds governance from the start… read more


Past Projects


"MELD in Context"

Research project on the topic of valuation - evaluation - ranking.

Close analysis of expert discourse around the introduction of the MELD score for allocating livers on solid-organ waiting lists in the United States. I discuss how the parameters of evaluating donor rank shift towards algorithmic reasoning, divorced from socio-political context.

"Temporalities of Assisted Reproduction"

Master's Thesis at the Department of Science - Technology - Society, University of Vienna.

Analysis of women's biographical experiences with assisted reproductive treatment in Austria. I analyzed how the temporal frames of Austria’s legal understanding of “natural” human reproduction, the bureaucracy of the welfare state, and the practical affordances of fertility treatment shape women’s self-understanding as faulty and wasteful. Download here.

"Social and Outreach Work in Austrian Schools"

Multi-tier research project at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Health Promotion Research.

We surveyed and evaluated different forms of implementation for social and outreach work as a health promotion policy in Austrian schools. Find multiple research reports in the LBIHPR archive.